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In the body program we focus on physical training. Every week we meet with over 80 youths and train circus, clowning and dance. Through this training, youths learn the value of healthy living and the importance of taking care of their bodies. Thus they are less inclined to turn to drug and alcohol.

Young people that excel in training can graduate and become part of our circus company, where they can earn a basic income as performers and workshop leaders.

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Circus Zambia believes education is the gateway to brighter futures and allows youths to develop into engaged and critical thinkers. Our circus training attracts youths at risk who can then receive tutoring, scholarships and can participate in educational circus camps. At the Circus Zambia Creative Hub they can borrow books from the library or access the world in the media lab.

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Many young people from vulnerable backgrounds lack a support system that can teach them basic life skills. Therefore Circus Zambia uses circus and clowning to teach about HIV/AIDS, sanitation, drugs/alcohol abuse and much more. Through practicing circus, youths also learn social skills, such as communication, trust and disciplines. After learning important information young Circus Zambia members become peer educators and teach their community through performances and workshops.
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